TSI's qualification, training and event programme

TSI stands for quality in the securitisation market. An essential instrument for this is its differentiated qualification, training and event programme through which it reaches far more than 1,000 participants from all market sectors every year.

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Overview of the TSI qualification, training and event programme

The TSI Special Training ’Overview Term – ABS Case Study Auto-ABS’ is a 2-day intensive seminar that provides a sound and comprehensive introduction to the securitisation world of term ABS under the new SecuritisationRegulation.

On the subject of ABCP, the TSI Special Training (one-day seminar) ’Financing Alternative Securitisation of Trade and Leasing Receivables via ABCP Programmes under the New Securitisation Regulation’ builds on the intensive seminar and provides an expanded overview of the possibilities for securitisation in the ABCP area.

The training courses are aimed not only at beginners in the securitisation sector but also at employees from a wide variety of banking sectors. Further target groups of these events are investors, consulting companies, auditors and specialist lawyers as well as corporate service providers and supervisory authorities, but also representatives of the real economy and leasing providers from the treasury and finance sectors.

The training series TSI Special Trainingplus is offered on special issues relating to securitisation. This in-depth seminar is aimed at employees of originators, investors and transaction parties involved in structured finance and securitisations, as well as risk managers and employees of supervisors and audit firms who deal with these topics in depth.

The TSI Workshops and TSI Conferences discuss trends and current themes in the area of capital markets union, structured finance and credit transfer which, above all, offer new market opportunities. These events are aimed at professionals from originators, investors and transaction parties involved with structured finance, representatives of law firms and employees of regulatory authorities, policymakers and auditing firms.

The TSI Congress is a one-and-a-half-day capital market congress with an evening-before event in Berlin. The Congress addresses the topics of securitisation, asset based finance and structured finance, other forms of credit transfer, regulation and developments in the course of the capital market union, and changes taking place in Europe.

The Congress is supported by the entire securitisation and asset-based finance industry as well as by policymakers and business. It is a meeting point of professionals and managers, directors, partners and executives from the areas of credit and credit portfolio management, risk management, legal and regulatory affairs, trade, bank treasury departments, specialists from law firms, auditing firms and rating agencies, the service industry and consulting firms of the private sector, investors from Germany and abroad, as well as CFOs and treasurers of large corporates. Many representatives of the German business community, politics (Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hessen Ministry of Finance) national regulators (Deutsche Bundesbank, German Financial Supervisory Authority), international regulators (ECB, EBA) and researchers studying the issues use the event as a platform for communication and technical exchange.

The event is also supported by the leading associations of the real economy such as the Federation of German Industries, the Federal Association of German Leasing Companies, the German Lawyers’ Association, the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services, the German Treasurers’ Association, and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce.