Overview of events

Quality plays a central role for TSI not only in the standards for securitisations. The same applies to our diverse >> training and events programme, which reaches well over 1,000 participants from all market areas each year. In it, we prepare comprehensive securitisation know-how and related special topics that are brought to you by top-class professionals from practice settings. The formats we offer range from established TSI training courses for beginners and advanced users to workshops and conferences to the annual TSI Congress in Berlin. We combine this into a diverse platform for exchanging the latest developments in the securitisation market and beyond. 

The following overview is intended to help you select the events that are right for your needs. It shows how our events are structured and which target groups they are aimed at:

TSI Trainings

  • TSI Training: Intensive Seminar on True Sale Securitisation (Auto ABS and RMBS)

The ‘Intensive Seminar Cash Securitisation (Auto ABS and RMBS)’ is the popular format that thoroughly introduces you to the topic of securitisation and consolidates and refreshes your knowledge. The focus is on public ABS transactions in the major asset classes Auto ABS and RMBS. The established small group format with 10 to 15 participants offers the opportunity for intensive discussion and treatment of individual questions.

Target group: Professionals and managers in finance who want to deal intensively with all important aspects of public securitisations.
Duration: 2 days
Format: onsite or online

  • TSI Training: Securitisation of trade and lease receivables (ABCP and private transactions)

The Training ‘Securitisation of trade and leasing receivables (ABCP and private transactions)’ provides a comprehensive overview of the market, functioning and structures of securitisations of trade and leasing receivables. The focus is on private securitisations financed by the bank balance sheet or ABCP programmes.

Target group: Employees of banks and companies involved in structured finance and securitisation, investors and transaction parties, as well as risk managers and employees from regulatory authorities and auditing firms who want to get an up-to-date overview of what is happening in the market and transaction-related details.
Duration: one day
Format: onsite or online

  • TSI Training: Cash Flow Modelling for Securitisations

The Training ‘Cash Flow Modelling for Securitisations’ introduces participants to the approaches of cash flow modelling for securitisations. The focus here is on auto and consumer ABS as well as RMBS. The course follows a step-by-step approach to creating a complete cash flow model in Excel and also includes an explanation of the different elements and various alternatives of typical structures.

Target group: The course is designed for securitisation professionals such as originators, arrangers, investors, risk managers and securitisation transaction service providers who want to learn and understand cash flow modelling in a ‘boot camp’ environment.
Duration: The intensive course extends over five days of 2.5 hours each if conducted as an online course, or two days if conducted face-to-face.
Format: onsite or online

  • TSI Training: Overview Sustainable Finance and Securitisation

The Training ‘Overview Sustainable Finance and Securitisation’ offers a sound overview of the topic of sustainable finance and securitisation. Participants do not need any prior knowledge specific to securitisation.

Target group: Newcomers, specialists and managers in the securitisation market, interested professionals from politics, law firms, auditing companies and consulting firms as well as representatives of the media and public relations industries.
Duration: 3/4 day
Format: onsite or online

  • TSI Training: Working Capital Financing - Supply Chain Finance and Alternatives

The Training ‘Working Capital Financing - Supply Chain Finance and Alternatives’ covers the topic of supply chain finance, also often referred to as supply chain financing or reverse factoring. Securitisation technology combined with IT-based receivables management forms an increasingly important tool of working capital financing.

Target group: Employees of banks, companies and service providers who deal with working capital financing and want to get a sound overview of this important topic.
Duration: 3/4 day
Format: onsite or online


TSI Workshops

TSI Workshops pick up on trends and current topics that offer new market opportunities, for example in the areas of capital markets union, structured finance, sustainable finance and alternative credit transfer.

Target group: Professionals from banks and companies involved in structured finance, investors and transaction parties, representatives of law firms, auditing companies as well as employees of regulatory authorities and political institutions.
Duration: half to full day (depending on the topics)
Format: onsite or online


TSI Conferences

TSI conferences address central topics of the current year and bring together the experts. In addition to providing expert information, our aim is to provide strong support for market participants to share information and form opinions.

Target group: These events are aimed at specialists and executives (senior level) from banks and companies involved in structured finance, investors and transaction parties, representatives of law firms as well as employees of regulatory authorities, political institutions and auditing firms.
Duration: one day
Format: hybrid

TSI Congress

The TSI Congress is a 1.5-day hybrid capital market congress with an evening event. It takes place in Berlin. Online participants can stream workshops and panels live. The spectrum of topics is broad and includes:

  • Classic securitisation topics
  • Asset-based and sustainable finance
  • Other forms of credit transfer
  • Regulations and developments on the road to the Capital Markets Union and
  • Transforming Europe into a sustainable economy. 

Target group: The TSI Congress invites specialists and executives as well as managing directors and board members of banks from the areas of

  • Credit and credit portfolio management
  • Risk management
  • Law and regulation
  • Trading and treasury,

Partners and experts from

  • Law firms
  • Auditing companies
  • Rating agencies
  • Service and consulting companies of the economy

as well as

  • Investors from Germany and abroad
  • CFOs and treasurers of large corporates.

along with

  • Representatives of German business
  • Political institutions (Federal Ministries of Finance and Economics, Hessian Ministry of Finance)
  • National financial regulators (Deutsche Bundesbank, BaFin) and
  • International financial regulators (ECB, EBA, ESMA)
  • and scientists studying the topic

The event serves as a platform for communication and professional exchange. It is supported by the leading associations of the real economy such as the Federation of German Industries, the Federal Association of German Leasing Companies, the German Lawyers' Association, the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services, the German Treasurers' Association and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

Duration: 1.5 congress days with pre-congress evening event 
Format: hybrid