TSI events

In recent years, our event activities have succeeded in highlighting the issues relating to the securitisation and credit market in Germany. To date (November 2018) almost 15,000 people have taken part in TSI events.

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Our key areas are:

TSI events – an overview

The TSI Special Training with the module “Intensive seminar: Term ABS – overview / auto ABS – case study” is a 1.5-day specialist seminar for small groups that provides a sound and comprehensive introduction to the securitisation world of term ABS. The 1,5-day seminar “Securitisation of trade and leasing receivables using ABCP programmes with supply chain finance” develops this further with regard to ABCP and gives an extended view of securitisation options in the ABCP area. The two training seminars are geared not only to those new to the field of securitisation but also to staff from a wide range of different bank departments. Further target groups for these events include investors, consultancy companies, auditors and specialist lawyers as well as corporate service providers and supervisory authorities but also delegates from the finance/treasury departments of real economy and leasing companies.

The training series TSI Special Trainingplus provides opportunities for training specialised securitisation-related issues such as “Securitisation evaluation issues as seen by originators, investors and the Eurosystem” and “Regulatory framework conditions for securitisations”. These advanced seminars are designed for staff of originators, investors and transaction parties working with structured finance and securitisations as well as for risk managers and staff from supervisory bodies and auditing companies who would like to explore this subject in depth.

The TSI Special Trainingselect is a seminar series given over to selected issues in the field of structured finance and credit transfer that are derived from the regulatory efforts of the supervisory authorities and activities of the market players. These training sessions are designed for staff dealing with structured finance from originators, investors and transaction parties, representatives of law firms and staff from supervisory bodies, politics and auditing companies.

The TSI specialist conferences and TSI Workshops look at trends and current topics – particularly new market opportunities – associated with the capital markets union, structured finance and credit transfer. These events are designed for specialists in structured finance from originators, investors and transaction parties, representatives of law firms and staff from supervisory bodies, politics and auditing companies.

The TSI Congress is THE 1.5-day capital market congress in Berlin with a pre-Congress event. It addresses the topics of securitisation, structured finance and other forms of credit transfer as well as regulation and developments connected with the capital markets union. The TSI Congress has the support of the entire securitisation and structured finance industry as well as of politics and the business sector.

This is the meeting place for specialists and management representatives, managing directors, partners and board members from the fields of credit and loan portfolio management, risk management, law, trade, treasury departments at banks, law firms, auditing companies, rating agencies, service providers and consulting companies as well as investors from Germany and other countries and treasurers from large corporates. Many representatives of politics and of national and international supervisory authorities together with academics working in this field and representatives of the real economy also take advantage of the event as a platform for an exchange of professional views and experience. More than 30% of all workshops and panels are held in English language.