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The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) introduces STS registers for reporting securitisations under the Securitisation Regulation

With the entry into force of the Securitisation Regulation on 1 January 2019, originators and sponsors were required to jointly notify ESMA and national competent authorities that a securitisation meets the STS criteria in order to obtain the STS label. ESMA has now introduced an automated process to facilitate these notifications and makes them available in the new STS Registry. The new STS Register replaces the previous interim solution of an STS list on ESMA's website.

Verena Ross, Chair, said: "The launch of ESMA's STS Register is an important step towards greater efficiency and timeliness of STS reporting to ESMA. Our new STS Registry will allow originators and sponsors to benefit from an improved reporting system. In addition, investors and regulators will have better access to individual STS securitisations to assist them in carrying out their respective due diligence and supervisory responsibilities."

For true sale securitisations, STS notifications to ESMA are to be made through the new STS register from 2 February 2022. The interim STS notification will continue to apply to synthetic STS securitisations: Until further notice, originators and sponsors should continue to report their synthetic securitisations eligible for the STS label using the interim STS solution.
In these cases, the STS notification should continue to be sent to the following address: 

Further information on STS notification, the current ESMA templates for ABCP and non-ABCP and the ESMA User Guide can be found here:

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