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Prospectus Regulation: EU Commission consults on simplified prospectus

The EU Commission has published a roadmap for a Delegated Regulation under the Prospectus Regulation (2017/1129). The Commission intends the delegated act to provide clarity on the provisions of the Prospectus Regulation and its interpretation by national competent authorities and companies making a public offer or seeking admission of their securities to regulated markets.

The delegated act would complement the policy framework laid down in the Prospectus Regulation to address:

  • the reduced content, standardised format and sequence for the EU Growth prospectus;
  • the format of the standard prospectus, the base prospectus and the final terms, and the schedules defining the specific information which must be included;
  • the reduced information to be included in the schedules applicable under the simplified disclosure regime for secondary issuances;
  • the schedule defining the minimum information contained in the universal registration document; · criteria for scrutinising the universal registration document and the procedures for its approval, filing and review; and
  • criteria for the approval of the prospectus.

Comments on the roadmap are due by 22 May 2018.

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