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IOSCO reports on transparency of structured finance products


Following its September 2009 consultation report, IOSCO has published its final report on transparency of structured finance products. The report concludes that greater information on traded prices would be a valuable source of information for market participants. It recommends that member jurisdictions should seek to enhance post-trade transparency of structured finance products in their respective jurisdictions, and lists the factors that IOSCO believes market authorities should consider when developing a post-trade transparency regime.

The report argues that post-trade transparency regimes should be tailored to take into account the unique nature of the market and participants in each jurisdiction, and that each member jurisdiction is best placed to judge the appropriate time, scope and manner for enhancing post-trade transparency. IOSCO believes that it would be appropriate to develop a post-trade transparency regime that provides for the transparency of trade-by-trade data or aggregate data, depending on the liquidity of the particular structured finance product.

Transparency of Structured Finance Products - Final Report