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Standard & Poor's Securities Evaluations

Dr. Volker Läger Standard & Poor's

Dr Volker Läger
Director Structured Finance

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Standard & Poor’s Structured Finance Ratings offers globally a range of rating services, which help investors, bankers, issuers and other constituents benchmark the credit quality of securitized assets.

Our coverage includes asset-backed, mortgage-backed, and commercial mortgage-backed securities, in addition to collateralized debt obligations, real estate companies, REITS and homebuilders. We also provide servicer evaluations, assessments of collateral managers and real estate equity managers, tools to track and analyze commercial and residential mortgage risk, as well as deliver through the web, extensive on-going asset performance and collateral information.

Peter Jones
Director, Evaluations

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Standard & Poor's Securities Evaluations, Inc. ("SPSE"), a wholly owned subsidiary of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., provides independent fixed-income evaluations of nearly 3 million securities. It also distributes to its client base pricing data and equity pricing services of other unaffiliated firms. In total, SPSE provides coverage for more than six million global securities. Prices of firms other than those of SPSE are the responsibility of those firms and not SPSE and are produced under the firms' methodologies and policies and procedures, not those of SPSE. Analytic services and products provided by Standard & Poor's are the result of separate activities designed to preserve the independence and objectivity of each analytic process. Standard & Poor's has established policies and procedures to maintain the confidentiality of non-public information received during each analytic process.

In 2007 Standard & Poor's acquired ABSXchange to strengthen and expand its suite of services designed to support transparency within the worldwide structured finance market. ABSXchange is an Internet-based portal that offers deal performance data, portfolio monitoring capabilities, cash flow analysis, and detailed reporting for the structured finance market. Its goal is to provide market professionals with the same quality of data and analytics throughout the life of a structured finance transaction as existed at its initial offering.