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About fidis

fidis GmbH is the leading international provider of standard software based on SAP for ABS-Originators. The "ABS.pilot®" solution automates and accelerates securitization processes significantly; at the same time its flexible standards permit any required modification. With ABS.pilot® securitization companies improve their competitive ability while complying with legal requirements. Apart from ABS transactions ABS.pilot® also supports supply chain finance, asset-based lending as well as factoring-processes. The software's modular structure guarantees a quick implementation within the specific scale needed by the individual factor. Consequently, this solution is suitable for every securitization company - irrespective of its size. fidis was founded in 2000. Among the customers of fidis is the UniCredit Bank AG.


ABS.pilot is the high-performance software by fidis for the administration of asset backed securitization (ABS). ABS.pilot combines the strengths of the world-wide established standard software SAP R/3 with all requirements to an individual application. By this you will have the performance and flexibility that you will need for your ABS-structures. To this belong amongst others: The administration of commercial papers, flexible reportings, interfaces to legacy systems, true sale and the asset-liability-match.

ABS.pilot was specifically developed to set up and administrate ABS transactions. Incoming outstanding items will be entered every night while the software gathers the data. Afterwards the portfolio is reorganized on the basis of controlling purchase criteria and concentration limits. Every single night more than 50,000 data files can be processed in this manner. By input via an interface current market data like exchange-rates, security prices and interest-rates are also made available. Consequently, a permanent up-to-the-minute evaluation of the portfolio is possible.

IT- und Back-Up-Services

If the creditor of the receivables of ABS transactions becomes insolvent, the faster the debtors are informed, the greater are the chances of achieving a high rate of recovery. By the use of the fidis Back-up-Service, ABS-originators can convert the assets to cash as quickly as possible and minimise the potential loss. fidis processes the many claims immediately, simultaneously and reliably. Notification letters are sent to debtors, the ledger entries are checked and managed and the cash collection procedures are handled. If fidis takes over the back office of a factoring company as a business process outsource provider, in the event of a crisis it offers the immediate provision of a full back-up service for the financing bank. All data, accurate to the day, is already available in fidis specialist software ABS.pilot or FACT.pilot. fidis can react immediately and on a targeted basis.