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Johannes Wehrmann
Working Capital Solutions

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E-mail: johannes.wehrmannemail@webdemica.com

Johannes Wehrmann joined Demica in July 2018 having previously worked in GE Capital and Targo Commercial Finance. Johannes brings over a decade of origination experience in structured finance transactions across Germany and Western Europe. He was Head of Structured Finance at GE Capital Germany and responsible for sponsor coverage and international factoring efforts.

Company profile

Demica is a rapidly growing FinTech providing working capital solutions to large corporates and banks with a broad range of trade receivables finance and supply chain finance products. The company focuses on multinational clients all over the world, across industries and sectors. Over the past five years, Demica has materially expanded its origination, structuring, implementation and placement teams to enable it to offer a seamless end-to-end solution to a wide universe of clients.

The unique combination of technological expertise and profound financial experience of the team allows Demica to speak the language understood by finance and treasury professionals, procurement and IT departments, both within the banks and the corporates. Demica engages in arranging, advising, funding, reporting and servicing transaction activities to its clients.

Transactions through Demica can either be funded by a client’s relationship banks, Demica’s bank and non-bank investor partners or through Demica’s own SPV – MORE Finance. MORE Finance can provide the client a conduit into the non-banking capital markets. In this case, Demica structures the transaction to the investor’s criteria, which are defined by their appetite and Demica’s market focus.

Demica is a winner of several prestigious industry awards including BCR’s Supply Chain Finance Technology Solution Provider of the Year (2019), Global Finance’s Supply Chain Finance provider 2019 (non-bank) and Trade Finance Global’s Supply Chain Financier 2019 awards.