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caplantic GmbH
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30175 Hannover

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Oliver Bartholomäus
Chief Executive Officer

Tel: +49 511 9999-3100
Mobil: +49 151 4633 8462
E-mail: oliver.bartholomaeusemail@webcaplantic.com

Matthias Korn
Chief Executive Officer

Tel: +49 511 9999 3111
Mobil: +49 175 5782 170
E-mail: Matthias.kornemail@webcaplantic.com

Company profile

Caplantic is a Finance-Boutique specializing in intermediary services between originators and investors. As such, we have developed extensive experience in developing bespoke capital market solutions. Since 2012, we have been active in the structuring, advising and servicing of transactions targeting the optimization of financial institutions’ RWA. By leveraging our longstanding experience, we have managed to execute various large-scale balance sheet securitizations that introduced both customized structural features, as well as diverse asset classes, to the European market.

Our core competencies on the Portfolio Management side relate to products and services in the field of alternative assets. In addition to direct and indirect investment products, we offer highly specialized and individually tailored services that enable institutional investors to enter the complex subject of alternative investment concepts without necessarily having to build up extensive structures on their own.

Caplantic holds a BaFin license according to § 32 KWG (German Banking Act) which allows us to provide investment brokerage, investment advisory and financial portfolio management. Beyond that, our service lines, such as valuation, rating and advisory can provide a wide range of related services.