European DataWarehouse and ABS

TSI is a shareholder of the European DataWarehouse (ED). ED is the first central data repository in Europe for collecting, validating and disseminating detailed, standardised and asset class specific loan level data (LLD) for Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and private whole loan portfolios. Developed, owned and operated by the market, ED facilitates risk assessment and improves transparency standards for European ABS deals. More specifically, ED collects ABS deal, bond and loan level data according to the ECB ABS reporting templates. Simultaneously, ED also acts as a distributor of loan level data and documentation to subscribing entities such as investors, rating agencies, data vendors and analytic firms, investment and commercial banks, accounting firms, trustees and consultants. Through ED data, users are able to analyse underlying portfolios in a more efficient way and compare portfolios on a systematic basis. As of May 2017, ED stores more than 56m loans across Europe stemming from almost 1,100 ABS transactions, allowing in-depth loan analysis and key insights into the main drivers of credit performance as well as the ability to “slice and dice” the data and compare it across deals, issuers and countries.