TSI's business areas and market segments

TSI's mission is reflected in its five business segments, which have continuously evolved over the years:

  • With the German securitisation platform, TSI has been providing the market with an infrastructure for covered financing with German special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) since 2004.

  • TSI certification has existed as its own quality label since 2005, and with the STS verification offered by its subsidiary SVI since 2019, TSI's activities to implement and enforce quality standards in the German and European securitisation market are being consistently continued.

  • TSI supports securitisation through public relations work and by further developing the legal framework, thereby promoting exchange between the market and regulators and contributing to the further establishment of a capital market product that is subject to stringent and uniform regulation. Another objective is to position securitisation as an important financing instrument for the real economy.

  • Within the framework of its events, such as the annual TSI Congress, conferences, symposia, workshops and special training sessions, TSI provides the German and European securitisation industry with a platform for exchanging information on the relevant topics.

  • As part of its support for the public-benefit foundations belonging to the securitisation platform, TSI assists in the promotion of academia. The close cooperation between the foundation's Capital Markets Union project and academia creates a bridge between practice and academia. TSI supports scientific research on central capital market topics through conferences, expert reports and targeted measures (scholarships, grants).

With the launch of the Capital Markets Union project in 2015, the political objective in Europe has changed from stigmatising the securitisation market to promoting it. As a result, securitisation has been the first capital market segment to be regulated uniformly throughout Europe since 2019. Ever since the final report was released by the EU High Level Forum Capital Markets Union, it has been clear that securitisation can make a significant contribution to promoting bank-based and capital market-based financing of the real economy. The extension of the new Securitisation Regulation and the successful STS segment to synthetic balance sheet securitisations shows the way forward.

TSI is excellently positioned for this. With the foundation and establishment of STS Verification International GmbH (’SVI’) as a leading independent STS third party verifier in Europe, TSI is consistently continuing the ‘DEUTSCHER VERBRIEFUNGSSTANDARD’ brand, which has been successful since 2005. The German securitisation platform offers a reliable and sustainable framework for securitisations of loan receivables and close support in the dialogue with financial and supervisory authorities. Through the TSI Congress as well as training courses and workshops, and supported by its TSI partner network, TSI is perceived by the national and international market as the central point for all securitisation topics in Germany. TSI is thus at the centre of a high-quality network of financial market participants. -In this function it maintains contact and moderates the dialogue with politicians and regulatory bodies at the German and European level.

Some of TSI's topics go beyond securitisation. In the context of the further development of the legal framework, events and foundation work, these topics naturally include all those related to securitisation, such as sustainable finance, equity management with securitisation instruments, financing of the real economy with the help of securitisation, marketplace lending and further development of processes with the aid of digitalisation/blockchain technology.

TSI is now an established brand in the German financial market. Its brand essence includes high-quality securitisation, its function as a central platform for regulatory topics, effective work on the further development of the legal framework and outstanding events on the relevant topics.